Thursday, May 12, 2011


We recently received word that one of our former residents passed away. This man was part of our long term resident program about 5 years ago. He is the 3rd former client who has died in as many months. One died from kidney failure, another from accidental insulin overdose, and the most recent from liver cancer. Here are some observations as we consider these deaths:
  • Each of these men was exposed to the gospel. This gives us confidence and hope; confidence in knowing that we are fulfilling our mission and Christ’s Great Commission; hope in knowing that the Spirit of God can take the Word of God and do amazing things.
  • Life on the streets is hard. At one time or another, each of these men dealt with substance abuse problems that in some way compromised their health. Life expectancy on the streets is not encouraging.
  • The Bible is true: it is appointed to men to die. Life is a terminal condition.
The Rescue Mission played a part in each of these men’s lives. We were there when shelter and safety were nowhere to be found; when all other doors were closed, ours were open.  It saddens our Mission family to hear these reports, but we know they will not be the last. Help us help others who have no other resources.

Monday, May 2, 2011

One Big Happy Family

Imagine that a family moved into your neighborhood and this family had 21 children! As good neighbors we would all welcome this family and we would do what we could to lend a hand to help. Maybe some would offer to help with the laundry; some might help with meals, others with child care.

Twenty-one children are staying at the Rescue Mission! Thanks to all of those good neighbors who help with donations, volunteer hours, and food items, and, of course, prayer. Please keep them all coming.