Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unexpected Guests

The Campus Police from YSU were waiting for me as I arrived at the Mission this morning. That is never a good sign. The officer asked if we could provide a meal and showers for a group of young people who spent last night in a field on campus property. Apparently, the 4 men and 2 women (and 2 dogs) have been travelling around for some time. They came from Maryland and are on their way to Chicago. They were not asking for shelter and probably would not have come to the Mission had not the YSU police officer wanted to help them.

We took care of them as best we could, loaded them with clothes and food – at least as much as they could comfortably carry – and sent them on their way, with our prayers of course.

Lesson for the day: you never know who you might meet in the course of a day at the Rescue Mission. Thanks to Lynn, our Development Coordinator for the photo.

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