Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold Weather Program and Homeless Memorial Day

Yesterday, December 1, began the Cold Weather Emergency Program. This program is a collaborative effort among many agencies in the Valley who work with the homeless and near homeless in our community. This program began 21 years ago with a single focus: to insure that no one freezes to death during the coldest part of the winter due to lack of shelter.

Between December 1 and March 30, people in need of shelter may call Help Hotline’s Emergency number and transportation will be provided to the Rescue Mission, the overnight shelter for the program. The numbers are: 1-800-427-3606 or 211 (within Mahoning County). You can read about the program kick off and the Homeless Awareness Walk from today’s Youngstown Vindicator here.

Speaking of cold weather, we are counting down the days until the National Homeless Person’s Memorial Day on December 21. From the National Coalition for the Homeless:
On or around the longest night of the year, December 21, the National Coalition for the Homeless and National Health Care for the Homeless Council hold memorial services for homeless individuals who have died from causes related to their homelessness.
Read the text of the Congressional resolution here.

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