Monday, February 7, 2011


Recently, the Rescue Mission participated in the statewide “point-in-time” count. The purpose of the count is twofold; first, to assess the occupancy rates of shelters across Ohio and, secondly, to find and count the unsheltered people with a view to obtaining shelter for them. Generally, no unsheltered people are found in our area – at least in the winter. However, a significant increase was seen in the shelters in the Mahoning Valley. For the Rescue Mission, the same day last year saw 70 people spending the night; this year there were 88.

The specific reason for this increase eludes explanation. It may be the result of a number of factors – the economy, foreclosures, addiction, mental health issues, or any combination. It is obvious that the need exists in the Mahoning Valley for an emergency shelter. Many Valley residents are unaware of the homeless problem in our community. It is a secret that is making itself known

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