Thursday, March 1, 2012

Extreme Makeover for Mission Kitchen

Thanks to the generosity of The Youngstown Foundation, the Home Savings Charitable Foundation, and The Walter E. and Caroline H. Watson Foundation, Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley can start to work on the next 1,300,000 meals for the hungry and homeless in our Valley. A combined $ 35,000.00 was awarded to The Mission for the purchase and installation of new kitchen and dining room equipment as well as a domestic hot water boiler replacing that which has enabled The Mission for the past ten years to deliver over 1,300,000 meals. Local companies, W. C. Zabel Company and Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc. delivered and installed the new equipment.

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  1. The Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley is a "Great Big Scam". Only 700+ Likes?, I know why, they say they help the people, "Lies!", their only Goal is to help themselves by pocketing all the Donations and give the people that deserves it nothing but headaches and runaround, I know, I was a victim of their evil intentions, I was homeless for 2 (two) months and they said they could not house me because my Son & Son Mother were already housed here, so I was forced to sleep in the car that we owned, when this "Evil Rescue Mission" found out I was sleeping in the car, they alerted local police and our car was taking from us, on the same day, they packed some of my Sons Clothes & The Mothers, and threw them out on the sidewalk, they stated that if we do not move from their premises they was going to called the cops again so that they would charge us for "Trespassing". Now, how does a homeless family get charged with trespassing in front of a so called Homeles Shelter?