Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cold Weather Facts

December begins the Cold Weather Emergency Program, a partnership of the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley, Help Hotline, and many agencies in located in Mahoning County and the city of Youngstown. The goal of this collaborative effort – now in its 25th year – is to see that no one becomes a casualty of the cold weather.

The Rescue Mission is the designated shelter for the program. As such, we are presented with additional challenges. The common perception is that the colder weather leads to more people seeking shelter at the Mission. In fact, we have been at or near capacity for the entire year. Plans are in place to address this issue and to provide shelter for all who come to us during this cold season. This means that:

·         We must be creative and flexible in finding new ways to increase capacity. One of these involves using our warehouse facility on Glenwood Ave. as an overflow overnight shelter.
·         There will be an increased workload placed upon our staff. Our guests must be housed, sheltered, and cared for – and this requires people.
·         Regardless the challenge, we are committed to serving the homeless of our community.

We are completely dependent upon the resources and efforts of our community to meet this need. Addressing homelessness and poverty is a team effort. Follow this link to learn of ways you can help.

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