Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking Back

The last year saw the Rescue Mission once again helping the homeless and providing food, shelter, safety and a second chance to many of the disadvantaged citizens of our community. While the statistics for the fiscal year are available on our website, these numbers represent the individuals who came to the Mission for help in calendar year 2009. Of 574 intakes;

  • 84 report alcohol abuse (33 report chronic alcohol abuse)
  • 44 report developmental disability
  • 82 report drug abuse (29 report chronic drug abuse)
  • 55 report both drug and alcohol abuse
  • 144 report mental illness (41 report chronic mental illness).

(These figures come from self-reported client intakes.)

In 2010, the Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley begins its 117th year of service to the Valley. We cannot do everything, and we cannot do what we do alone. The challenge requires all of our efforts to meet the needs of the homeless in our Valley.

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